Mauritian insults Yo mama jokes

How to swear, insult, cuss and curse in Mauritian!

Mauritian Language Swearing & English Translation.
Mauritian Creole Swearing English Translation
Pilon Gay
Liki tor ma Pussy of your mom
Langet tor ma Motherfucker
Sus mo kok Suck my dick
Bousse to fesse Shut your mouth (lit. Shut your asshole)
Cas liki Open your legs (lit. break your pussy) [when said to a woman, it implies she is a slut]
Sakal Whore
Defalouter To 'break' force extremely hard... usually a pussy!
Defaloute liki sor ma Break that fucking thing!
Taler to liki casse couma bouteille You are going to get severe trashing
Casse liki sor ma Beat him/ her up
Casse so liki Beat him (during a violent fight)
Defalouter Fuck wildly
Pitin Bitch
Graine Testicles
Falu mama Motherfucker
Liki mama Motherfucker
Ti Gogot Small dick
Makro Pimp
Falour tor ma Your mum's pussy
La tette tor pa Your dad's dick
La graine tor mama Your mother's dick
Bour Liki Fuck Pussy
Couyon Idiot
Soussoute Pussy
Falconeti Motherfucker
Fesse casser Asshole (lit. Broken ass)
Pissar Oh shit! (lit. Wee)
Mo pissar toi I don't give a shit
Pitain Slut
Cacaliki Idiot or pussy's shit
Cacacok Dick's shit
Manzerfes A fucking bastard
Ta trou fes Hey, asshole!
Mo envi bour toi pitin I want to fuck you, bitch
Si to perna narnien bon pou to fer, tire to cancon et conte to poil. If you haven't got anything better to do, pull your pants down and count your pubic hairs.
Si to envie gagne soos mo gogot If you want to feel good, suck my dick
Alle vanne to fesse Go sell your ass
Sous mo pake Suck my balls
Fayebala Asshole

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