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How to swear, insult, cuss and curse in Ukrainian!

Ukrainian Language Swearing & English Translation.
Ukrainian Swearing English Translation
Himno Shit
Khui Cock
Sraka Ass
Shliukha Whore
Upizdysh Motherfucker
Moskal' Faggot (male)
Moskalskiy papiroc Penis (lit. faggot's cigarette)
Kholera v dupi Pain in the ass (lit. cholera of the ass)
Avra'am Ass-taker (gay)
Yaktatu Cow-like (to insult females)
Ppizzda Cunt with hair
Pinka Cunt without hair
Pis'ka Pussy
Materi tvojij kovin'ka Fuck your mother with a stick
Blyadtch Bitch
Koora Whore
Yudu na hooey Walk on my dick (Very offensive)
Pederast Faggot
Sooka suna Son of a bitch
Shatrov May lightning strike you down
Yudu do bannoo Go to the bath/sauna (you stink)
Nasyro vsravsya Smart ass
Jak v sichku sraty Talking bullshit
Suka Bitch
Moskal' Man from Moscow (very offensive)
Katsap Russian man
Pishov na khuj Fuck you
Yibaty tebe v sraku To fuck you in ass
Pizda Pussy
Sraka Ass
Dupa Ass
Vidsmokchy mij khuj Suck my dick
Koorvya Mat Go Fuck Your Mother
Sukin Sin Son of a bitch

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