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How to swear, insult, cuss and curse in Ukrainian!

Ukrainian Language Swearing & English Translation.
Ukrainian Swearing English Translation
Himno Shit
Khui Cock
Sraka Ass
Shliukha Whore
Upizdysh Motherfucker
Moskal' Faggot (male)
Moskalskiy papiroc Penis (lit. faggot's cigarette)
Kholera v dupi Pain in the ass (lit. cholera of the ass)
Avra'am Ass-taker (gay)
Yaktatu Cow-like (to insult females)
Ppizzda Cunt with hair
Pinka Cunt without hair
Pis'ka Pussy
Materi tvojij kovin'ka Fuck your mother with a stick
Blyadtch Bitch
Koora Whore
Yudu na hooey Walk on my dick (Very offensive)
Pederast Faggot
Sooka suna Son of a bitch
Shatrov May lightning strike you down
Yudu do bannoo Go to the bath/sauna (you stink)
Nasyro vsravsya Smart ass
Jak v sichku sraty Talking bullshit
Suka Bitch
Moskal' Man from Moscow (very offensive)
Katsap Russian man
Pishov na khuj Fuck you
Yibaty tebe v sraku To fuck you in ass
Pizda Pussy
Sraka Ass
Dupa Ass
Vidsmokchy mij khuj Suck my dick
Koorvya Mat Go Fuck Your Mother
Sukin Sin Son of a bitch


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0 #6 Dim4 2013-11-26 15:54
my bad for spelling and Ukrainian hieroglyphics :-*
0 #5 Dim4 2013-11-26 15:51
some of the descriptions are misleading and incorrect. You should guys note that Ukrainian language doesn't have cursed words. Most of the bad stuff was introduced by Russians. We do have phrase that are suggestive but not insulting. Like perhaps, idi na hutir, which suggest go fuck yourself, but we don't ever say is more regional, old and uncommon. Rather, we would say 'piwov tu', suggesting 'fuck you'. Some people would go for insult like 'piwov tu na-huy' which might translate as "go fuck yourself'. However, literal meaning would be something like "GO ON A DICK". Again word 'huy' is Russian invention. Huy is dick. One more thing, and I could go on and aon, buy Moskal' is not Man from Moscow but anyone speaking Russian language with a bad attitude. Ukrainians, aseptically in the West would use that word to describe a fellow citizen who speaks Russian. In Ukraine, the farther you go East the more Russian speaking population you see. Moskali ;-)
0 #4 troll 2013-05-22 07:58
U mad?
0 #3 goga 2013-02-02 04:39
Most of this insults are bad transliterated Russian ones ande are ununderstandabl e in Ukraine.

e. g. some mistakes

not "Sukin Sin" but "Suchyj Syn"
not "Shliukha" but "Shlyondra"
not "Blyadtch" but "Blyad'"
not "Koora" but "Kurva"
+1 #2 Alex koshelanyk 2011-09-18 14:31
0 #1 Steven M. 2011-08-28 14:27

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