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Thai Language Swearing & English Translation.
Thai Swearing English Translation
Yet mae Motherfucker
Yet mang Fuck you
Kha-too-eh Ladyboy
Kwai mah Dog's dick
Khon tingtong Insane people
Farang ba Stupid foreigner
Yet Fuck
Kuay Cock
Ai sat Twat
Kwai Buffalo
Hoop baak Shut up
Orn kuay Suck cock
I hayer Son of a bitch
Gengri Whore
Farang keenohk Birdshit foreigner
Chong mang I don't give a fuck
Mung Highly derogative form of 'you'
Goo Highly arrogant form of 'me'
Ga-ree Whore, Slut
Loog-Ga-Ree Son of the bitch
Por Mung Tai Wish your father dead
Mae-Mung-Tai Wish your mother dead
Yed Por Fuck your father
Sudd-Na-Rok Damned Devil
Tood-Muek Asshole
Gook Kuay Damned Penis
Na-Hee Cuntface
Ai Na Dad Clit face (Very vulgar)
Dollair Bullshitter
Ra Yum Shitpanish
Hee mah Dog pussy
Gratoey Homosexual
Yet ped Duck fucker
Hee Pussy
Baan poh mung Bullshit (lit. your father's house)
Naa maw Flirt (vulgar)
Laew Evil (vulgar)
Baa Crazy (vulgar)
Chuk wow (male) Masturbate (lit. fly kite)
Tob bed (female) Masturbate (lit. fishing)
Hee mae mang Fuck your mother
Kun Heeat A lizard that eats garbage (quite vulgar!)
Mai chawp khun, dag ling I don't like you, monkey arse.
Som nam nah! In your face!
Nah peeh Ghost face
Hua kuai Dickhead
Heeh men Smelly pussy
Mae mung Your mom

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