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Tamil Language Swearing & English Translation.
Tamil Swearing English Translation
Pundai Pussy
Kotai Balls, testicles
Sunni Dick, Cock
Kotai Sappu Suck my balls
Kay Adithal Masturbate
Lavadakabal Pubes
Muttal Idiot
Naaye Dog
Baadu Bastard
Thevadiya paiya Bastard
Viveh chakra Prostitute, Whore
Vesay Prostitute, Whore
What-a-sarak Sexy Bitch
Pai-thium Idiot
Poolu Penis
Kaynay Fool
Hotah pundai nye Dirty dog pussy
Pundi Pig!
Ada chi You're not worth my time
Kundi Ass
Otha Fuck
Sooth Ass
Koodhi, Punda Cunt, pussy
Thevidya Slut, whore
Thaai-Oli Motherfucker
Okkala-Oli Sister-fucker
Soothe moodu Shut your ass
Pundaiye moodu Shut your pussy
Kaena Punda Foolish cunt
En poola chappu Suck my dick
Varsai Whore
Kai adithal Masturbate
Kay adithal Crush the balls
Uumpu Suck the penis/ suck the pussy
Oththal Fuck
Aattava Can I masturbate
Khusum Fart
Khukhu Shit
Ely Mouse
KandaarOli Fucked by everyone
Gumbal Ku Porandavaney Son of a crowd
Virundali Ku Porandavaney Son of a guest
Pundayya Saathu Ra Dubukku Shut you cunt, you fool!
Naay Poola Umbu Suck a dog's cock
Thevidiya Pundai Vervai'la Molacha Kaalaan Mushroom grown out of the sweat from a prostitute's cunt
Ungoya Pundaila Katrikka Eggplant in your grandmother's pussy

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