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How to swear, insult, cuss and curse in Puerto Rican Spanish!

Puerto Rican Spanish Language Swearing & English Translation.
Puerto Rican Spanish English Translation
Siembrate una mata! Plant a tree on your head (a bald person)
Bicho Penis
Foquin Fucking
Crica Pussy
Pato Faggot (lit. duck)
Hacer La paja To masturbate
Maricon Fag
Cabron sucio Dirty bastard
Pendejo Sucker, Stupid Idiot
Mamabicho Cocksucker
Mamagüebo You suck balls
Huelebicho Dick smeller
Chupacabra Ugly, monster like
Mamame la pinga Suck my dick
Cojones Balls
Come Mierda Eat Shit
Mama me la chocha Eat my pussy
Coño Cunt
Chocha, Crica, Toto, Caracol, Bollo Pussy
Culo Butt
Que carajo quieres? What the fuck do you want?
Hechar un casquete To have a fuck
Chingar, meter, hundir pelos, ingar Fuck
Dar candela por el culo To take it up the ass
Hacerse las punjetas To masturbate
Hijoeputa Son of a bitch
Me cago en tu madre I shit on your mother
Pegando cuernos Cheating on someone (lit. gluing [goat] horns on)
Joder To bother, to Fuck
Pendejo Stupid, dumb, gullible, asshole
Me cago en tu madre I shit on your mother
Canto de cabrón You fucking asshole
Mámame el bicho Suck my dick
Macrón Fag and asshole merged together
Pinga Dick/Penis
No Jodas mas Stop annoying
Puñeta Masturbation
Mama bicho Dick sucker
Hijo de puta Son of a w hore
Bellaco Pervert
Mamame el bicho Suck my dick (use 'la crica' instead of ' bicho' if you're a girl)
Chocha Pussy
Cabron Horned, a cheated person, asshole
Mas feo que un culo Uglier than an ass
Puta Whore
Chichar o chingar Have sex
Mamon Sucker
Tragete la leche Swallow the semen
Mamar To suck
Maricon, Pato, Pajaro Fag
Venirse To cum
Hechar un polvo To fuck
Tetas Boobs
Chocha Pussy
Marimacha, Lesbiana Lesbian
Mama Bicho Cock sucker
Huele bicho Cock smeller
Peo Fart
Careculo Assface
Carebicho Dickface
Vete para el carajo Go to hell/inferno

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