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How to swear, insult, cuss and curse in Samoan!

Samoan Language Swearing & English Translation.
Samoan Swearing English Translation
Alu Ki'o Take a shit
Komo Dogshit
Polo Laititi Small dick
Muli Lapo'a Fat Ass
Tui Lou Muli Stab your ass
Polo lou kama Your dad's balls
Polo lou tina Your mother's balls
Moe Kolo Rapist
Ga'o Shit
Fiamea Want to fuck?
Mulielo Stink ass
Ufa Your ass! (Fuck you!)
Ai Poki Cock-sucker
Ai Pipi Pussy-sucker
Kefe Bitch
Momo Fat shit
Pa'uelo Your skin smells like shit
Fafa Fag
Kefe Fuck
Iki Go eat shit
Putio Asshole
Paumuku Slut
Polo Dick
Aikae Eat Shit
Ufakomo Fucken bitch
Susupoki Dick sucker
Fuamiki Balls
Mimi Pussy
Muli Arse
Mulielo Smelly bum
Meamuli Fuck my bum
Pukio Arsehole
Valea Stupid
Ai polo lo kama! Eat your dads balls!

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