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Mongolian Language Swearing & English Translation.
Mongolian (Khalkha) Swearing English Translation
Al Pussy
Pizda Pussy (adopted from Russian)
Boov Dick
Bomboo Cock
Zail Get lost
Khuur Corpse
Sha Fuck (verb)
Novsh Garbage
Uhej baisan al You dying pussy
Bogs Ass (polite)
Hoshnog Ass (not polite)
Bogseig min doloo Lick my ass
Chatsag Diarrhea
Baas Shit
Shaes Piss
Nuss Snot
Taviur Cum
Bogsnei amsar Asshole
Teneg Stupid
Mulgui Idiotic
Booveig min khoh Suck my dick
Tomsog Balls
Jingir Bitch
Gomo Homosexual, fag
Amaa tat Shut up (lit. pull your mouth)
Yamar gomo pizda bai?! What a gay cunt?!
Nusaa chirsen pizda Snot-dragging cunt
Uhsnei hiej? What the fuck for?
Huts To bark
Hutsaad bai Don't bullshit me
Sha naadhai Fuck him/her up
Umbuu Cow (referring to a fat/ugly female)
Chatsag aldsan Diarrheic
Galzuu Crazy, insane
Saltai Crotch
Altsaasan Spread-legged
Yanhan Whore
Vashka Whore
Vanik Whore
Muu altsaasan yanhan Dirty spread-legged whore
Ungas Fart
Ungas sormor Fart sucker
Buduun Fat
Bugsruugai hie Put it in your ass
Oudgui Lame, lousy
Omhei Stinky
Iljirsen Rotten
Teneg Stupid
Mangar Stupid
Teneg khuur Stupid corpse
Novsh Garbage
Umkhii novsh Stinky garbage
Boovon tolgoi Dick head
Iruugai avaj nuruugai maijmar, ilgai avaj bogsoo archmar. Take your jaws and scratch your back, and take your liver and wipe your ass.

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