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How to swear, insult, cuss and curse in Hebrew!

Hebrew Language Swearing & English Translation.
Hebrew Swearing English Translation
Zayin Cock, penis
Harah Shit
Chutzpah (or Hutzpah) Shameless audacity; impudence.
Jiffa Garbage, filth
Ben Zona Son of a whore
Bat Zona Daughter of a whore
Im hayu samim et hamo'ach shelcha b'tarnegol, hu haya ratz yashar l'shochet If they had to put your brain in a chicken, it would run straight to the butcher.
Leh tezayen kivsa Go screw a goat
Aba shelha sarsur Your father is a pimp
Kama ima shelha lokahat le laila How much does your mom take for a night?
Tisaref Burn
Tisaref be evadon Burn in hell
Tistom et a-pe Shut the fuck up
Alevai tisaref ba ge'inom I wish you burn in hell
Ima shelha zona Your mother is a whore
Alevai eize kelev ya'anos et ima shelha ve otha gam I wish some dog will rape your mother and you too
Ya yeled im migbalot ve teudot A boy with some problems
Tamoot ya zevel Die, you bastard
Mi iten ve kol a haim shelha ye'afhu le ge'inom aley adamot I wish your life will become to hell on earth
Ani a'arog otha ya aravi nevela masriah I will kill you, you're dirty scum
Zdayen li me ha-einaym Get the fuck out of my sight
Zdayen mi po Get fucking lost
Zayn ba ayn A dick up your eye (used as refusal)
Shtok Shut up
Stom ta pe Shut your mouth
Leh dhof shluk kafu Go shove a popsicle up your ass
Stom ta jora Shut the fuck up (highly offensive)
Mageil Gross
Tidaress Get run over by a car
Titba Drown
Tisaref Burn in hell
Lech tezayen gufa shell soos bayarkon ya zayn meyubash! Go fuck a dead horse in the Yarkon (a river), you dried-out dick!
Lech telakkek coos mitkalef shel para Go lick a peeling cow's pussy
Halevay shetamoot Drop dead
At/Atah kaki metumtam You (masculine/feminine) are a piece of shit
Ya man manyak You asshole!
Lech zayen et ima schelcha Go fuck your mom
Tahat Ass
Lech zayen para Go fuck a cow
Lakeki li et hadgdegan, Zona Lick my clit, whore
Lech tiezdayen Go fuck yourself
Coos ima selha Your mother's vagina
Frecha Bimbo
Tembel Idiot
Ben shel elef zona Son of a thousand prostitutes
Ben elef Son of a bitch
Shpikh Cum
Lech le azazel, ya ben Zona! Go to hell, you son of a whore!
Lech le azah! Go to hell! (lit. Go to Gazza strip!)
Mtsots li ta'zain Suck my cock
Poostema Brainless girl
Notenet Slut, promiscuous
Leh lehizdayen Go fuck yourself
Koos Pussy
Tafsik lezyen bamoah/basehel You're talking nonsense!
Stom ta'peh Shut up
Hnoon Nerd
Zoobi Fuck it
Ya zevel You piece of garbage
Zona Whore, prostitute
Sharlila Whore, prostitute (less common)
Partsoof tahat Butt face
Dafook Fucked up
Maniak Asshole, crazy
Koos em em emok His mother's mother's pussy
Leh timzoz Go suck a cock
Timtzots li et haboolbool Suck my dick
Kanes li lathahat Come inside my ass
Kus im ima shelcha ha motzetzet The pussy of your sucking mom
Lech laazazel Go to hell
Lech hapess me yenanea otcha Go look for someone who cares
Ya ben shel zona Son of a whore
Dafuk barosh Crazy (lit. His/your head is dented)
Psichi Crazy (from psycho)
Meshugah Crazy, psycho
Mefager Stupid (also a friendly insult - "moron!")
Metumtam Really stupid (not friendly at all)
Manyak Jerk
Ben kelev Son of a dog
Ben Kalba Son of a bitch
Sharmuta Slut, whore (Arabic, but used in Hebrew)
Ya chatichat hara You piece of shit
Mizdayen Fucker
Mizdayen batachat Ass-fucked/fucker
Zayan Sechel Brain-fucker (someone who's full of shit)
Noshech Kariyot Bites pillows (means "gay")
Timtsots Suck [someone's dick]
Timtsots li Suck my dick
Lech timtsots tahat Go suck on someone's rectum
Batachat shelcha Up your ass
Batachat shel ima shelcha Up your mother's ass
Homo Homosexual
Ohel batahat Gay (lit. eats ass)
Sarsur Pimp
Maflitz kotej Farts cheese (gay)
Kunefa / Koonefa An ugly woman who tries to look beautiful
Mitromem Faggot, gay
Kalba Bitch
Laflaf Nerd
Gamad A very short man
Mehoar Ugly
Misken A person who suffers much; a misfortunate
Lech timtzotz leima shel savta scha Go suck to your grandma's mother
Pin Dick
Dohef batahat Gay
Noshech Kariyot Gay
Ars Yokel
Gootz Short, Stumpy man
Kus rabak [your] God's pussy (Arab, used in Hebrew)
Kus aba'shha Your father's pussy
Kus ahotha hatzolaat Your lame sister's pussy
Mitromem Gay
Lech tizdayen im soos Go fuck a horse
Megaleah cosim Pussy shaver
Mizdayen ba tusik Fuck in ass
Kalba Bitch
Zona Whore
Guf Ptztza, panim ahrei haftzatza Hot Body, face after a bomb landed on it
Atah/at tzarich lehiyot b'gan chayot You need to be in a zoo
Atah/at chaya You animal
Chasfanit Stripper
Ata zevel sheba'olam You are trash on earth
Tisdajen im ima schelcha Fuck your mother
Ya smark shel ez! You piece of a goats spittle
Egzozan Gay
Parazit Parasite, lazy bum
Flotz Fart
Nod Fart
Faltzan Flatulent (or a man who speaks nonsense)
Harman Horny
Shikor Drunk
Gamur Drunk, stoned
Mastul Stoned
Mekabel batachat Gay
Al ta'atzben otti! Don't piss me off
Red li me'agav Leave me alone
Red li me'avrid Leave me alone
Hamor! Jackass
Ma nisrat lech bamoch? What made you so fucked-up?
Sarut A very fucked-up man
Omedet batzomet Whore
Gmira Ejaculation
Gomer batachat Gay
Gumy Condom (lit. rubber)
Timtum Stupidity
Nim'as li! I've had enough!
At tachat shel dog mishuga gadol You are a crazy big fish's ass.
Lechi lidfok be-ats-mech Go fuck yourself (said to a woman)
Lechi lidfok be-ats-mech Go fuck yourself (said to a woman)
Ani eten lacha zien beh ayen I will stick my cock in your eye
Muzarut Something\someone who's a little weird
Ya muzar A weirdo man
Tozti et ha makel me ha tahat Get the stick out of your ass
Nukion Snot (implies a punk)
At Bat Zona Meluchlechet You dirty daughter of a prostitute
Tshiki, kalba! Shut up, bitch
Ata kelev mezuyan You are a fucked-up dog
Kfotz li Bite me
Hapes mi yenanea otha Go look for someone to jerk you off
Ta'ase li tova Give me a break
Lech zayen para Go fuck a cow
Tisheeteki Kalba! Shut up bitch
Zayin b'ayin Dick in your eye!
Metooraf Crazy
Chatichat Metooraf You piece of crazy
Lesbit Lesbian
Habla Stupid (to a man)
Ubul Stupid (to a man)
Balon Fatty
Dooba Fatty, chubby, round.
Kooli Chara Eat my shit (Yemeni Arabic, used in Hebrew)
Tambalon Stupid
Gach'ba Whore (Arabic, used in Hebrew)
Ya Logem Zera Cum sipper
Lekh taaseh amidat yadaim al hagag, vetekhavan et hazain layareah Go stand on your head on the roof and point your dick at the moon.
Eema shelcha Kemo yadeit coolam mekabliem seivuv! Your mom's like a doorknob - everybody gets a turn!
Lech Hapes Mi Yena'ane'a Otcha Go to hell (lit. Go find someone who will shake you)
Koos mahrt ahbook Your father's wife's pussy (Arabic, used in Hebrew)
Im hayu samim et hamo'ach shelcha betoch tsipor, hi hayta matchila la'uf achora! Had they put your brain inside a bird, it would have started flying backwards!
Im hatimtoom haya tippa, ata hayita okianoos! If dumbness was a drop, you would have been an ocean!
Stom et ha'pe ya tachat, lech titba bemarak im krutonim. Shut up, ass, I wish you'll drown in soup with little bits of fried bread.
Stom et ha'pe ya tachat, uf li mehapanim Shut up, ass, get out of sight
Lech techapes et hachaverim shelcha, ya ben zona, koos achotcha hazola'at shetamoot amen veterakev bageheynom! Go look for friends, you son of a bitch, your sister's cunt, may you drop dead and rot in hell!
Hakol over alecha vekaka beyadecha chatul hishtin alecha! Ditto, everything you said goes back to you.
Im koos eich haya kol kach gadol k'mo pe eich, at yechola likabel sus. If your cunt was as big as your mouth, you could take in a horse.
Ata kol kah shamen, she od meat tipol leha ha beten You're so fat that your belly will fall soon.
Yalla, lech lesahek berofe ve ahot yim hakelev shel hashchenim Go on, go play doctor and nurse with the neighbor's dog
Lama ma? What's your problem? (lit. why what?) [Accompanied by a gesture of stretching one's arm in front of someone and turning the palm of one's hand from left to right.]
Lo mafhidim Zona Mafhidim im Zain You not frightening a whore with a dick. (means you don't scare me)
Ha guf sheluch sexy uvul ha partsoof shel uch cmo Texi. Your body is sexy, but your face is like a Taxi.
Im hatipshut hayta etz, ata hayita chorshat kakal! If stupidity was a tree, you would have been a forest!
Nashek li et hatachat Kiss my ass
Shakli b'tahat! Kiss my ass!
Imekha Zona Your mother is a whore
Shvi besheket! Sit down and be quite!
Ata chay be'sratim You're a daydreamer (lit. "You live in movies")
Lo Mafhidim Zona Im Zain You dont scare a whore with a dick
Chel'at ha'min ha'enoshi Scum of the earth


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