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How to swear, insult, cuss and curse in Cajun!

Cajun Language Swearing & English Translation.
Cajun Swearing English Translation
Bioque Idiot, fool
Fils de putain Son of a bitch
Merde Shit
Va-t'à la merde [va-t'a = vas-tu à] Go to shit
Craquer le poignet To jack-off
Bibitte Dick
Galette Pussy
Cocotte Pussy
Maudit Goddamn!
Foutre Sperm
Poo-yee-yi! That stinks! (Exclamation)
Grand Beede Fat guy (lit. big stomach)
Salaud Bastard
Salope Bitch
Peeshwank Runt, little person
Capon Beggar, rogue
Couillon Idiot, fool (lit. testicle)
Domion A peeping Tom
Embrasse mon tcheue Kiss my ass

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