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Arabic language is the fifth most spoken language in the world, considering native speakers. It has impressive 280 million speakers, mailny located in North Africa and Middle East. It is also an official language in 26 countries, this is only less than French and English. It belongs to the family of Afro-Asiatic Semitic languages. It contains many words from different languages, for example Turkish, Hebrew, Persian and others.

Arabic insults

Arabic Swearing English Translation
Airi Fe Sabahak My dick on your forehead
Neek rasi Fuck my skull
Yla'an haramak Damn your spouse
Kos okht ile nafadak Fuck he who brought you to this life
Aire fe mabda'ak My dick in your principles
Toj koo' mas Come suck my penis
Zobree akbar minak My dick is longer than you
Ya manache'h Fag, gay
Air il'e yoshmotak May you be struck by a dick
Air il'e yeba'atak May you be stabbed by a dick
Fatah Foreskin (considered a grave insult)
Ah dena mukk Damn your mother's religion
Ahhlass Shut up
Koos Cunt, pussy
Yebnen kelp Son of a dog
Nikomak Fuck your mother
Sharmoota (or Sharmuta) Whore, bitch
Gahba Whore, bitch
Shlicke Slut
Ahbe Slut
Zarba Shit
Khara Shit
Kis Vagina
Elif air ab tizak A thousand dicks in your ass
Elif air ab dinikh A thousand dicks in your religion
Kisich Pussy
Mos zibbi Suck my dick
Waj ab zibik An infection to your dick
Kelbeh Bitch
Kul khara Eat shit
Kanith Fucker
Kwanii Faggot
Ya Khawal Faggot
Bouse Tizi Kiss my ass
Ebn el metnakah Son of a motherfucker
Inti sharmoota You're a whore
Inta sharmoot You're a male whore
Inta humar You are a donkey (idiot: to a man)
Inti humara You are a donkey (idiot: to a woman)
Inta shaz You are a pervert
Gildak khashina awee Your skin is very rough
Ikla hudumak Take off your clothes
Aiyz temus? Would you like a blow job?
Takhi Bend over
Mus zibii Suck my cock
Boos zibbi Kiss my cock
Teazak Ass
Kara Ass
Teez Ass
Zubrak Penis, Cock, Dick
Mekyad Penis, Cock, Dick
Ayir Penis, Cock, Dick
Zibbi Penis, Cock, Dick
Zib Penis, Cock, Dick
Zabourah Penis, Cock, Dick
Elhasi teezi Lick my ass
Reh tak khara You smell like shit
In'a'al mayteen ehlak Damn your dead
Bi kem el sharmoota di? How much is this whore?
Kul khara we moot Eat shit and die
Said bousak Shut your mouth
El hass hasawee Lick my bollocks
El hass el err Lick my dick
Rouh ya Ayr Get lost, you prick
Maniak Active homosexual
Khanzeera al matina Pig in the mud (to a woman)
Inta khaywan Animal (to a man)
Moomkin almiss bizazeek? May I touch your breasts?
Aiza ta'mili hagat wiskha ma'aya? Would you like to do dirty things with me?
Bit tifi wela bit tibla'ee? Do you spit or swallow?
Kess emmak Your mother's genitals
Kess ekhtak Your sister's genitals
Eyreh feek My cock in you
Eyreh be afass seder emmak My dick in your mother's rib cage
Akhu sharmoota Brother of a whore
Ibn haram Bastard (lit. son of sin)
Kalb Dog
Kis em ick Go fuck your mom
Gawwad Pimp
Khaswaat Penis
Inta Khawal You are a fag
El Khara Dah? What is this shit?
Inti mafish Mukh You have no brains
Hmar Jackass
Teezak jiyef Your ass stinks
Yakhreb beytak Ruin to your house/family
Yahreq deenak May He burn your religion
Yen 'aal deek ommack You're an idiot (to a male)
Yen 'aal deen ommak Damn your mother's rooster
Enta ghebee Damn your mother's faith
Arie Fique Fuck you
Koos mahrt ahbook Your father's wife's pussy
Looty Fag, gay
Bala ya khumak May you get swept by a catastrophe
Aneekak Fuck you
Hak arkab Come get fucked
Inta wihish You are ugly
Askut Shut up
In'al yomak Curse the day you were born
Zift Idiot
Wad al haram Bastard
Ia akho el-aibe eshaibe Your sister is a slut
Ia eben balaet ezeb Your mother sucking a dick
Fadak An old male punter (client of a prostitute)
Doe-deki A young male punter (client of a prostitute)
Bizzaz immak ala amood Your mom's tits are on a pole
Khara alayk Shit on you
Kir tu cheshet Dick in your eye
Akho Sharmuta Brother of a whore
Ayre feek Fuck you
Fikk wle Go away, fuck off
Kol ayre wle Shut up, fuck off
Bidde neek immak Fuck your mother's cunt
Ana akhannethak Fuck you
Airy Fik (pronounced Eye ree feek) Fuck you (lit. My Dick in you)
Barboog Prostitute
Zeb omak Your mum's dick
Oomak tilhas zibi Your mum sucks dick
Kool zigaan Eat shit
Yela'an sabe'a jad lak Damn your seventh grandfather
Ya khorg Asshole
Lahis zubi Suck my dick
Aars Pimp
Meaaaras Pimp
Yelaan kos omak Damn your mother's cunt
Zanya Adulteress
Yabdulh Get away (lit. balls)
Del Haz Bediate Suck my balls
Aneechik I'll fuck you
A tabbub zibby ib teezik I'll insert my dick in your ass
(Inta) Ibn Al-Himar (You are ) a son of a donkey
(Itna) Ibn Al-Kalb (You are) a son of a canine/dog
Allah Yela'an...(add name) May the Lord curse...(add name)
Kiramo Bemek Suck my dick
Koondeh Faggot
Kir to koone nanat Dick up your mother's ass
Surmayye a'raasac A shoe is on your head (bad insult in Arabic)
Akroot Male whore
Akrooteh Female whore
Tubjee Fag (lit. he who sucks a dick)
Mos eri Suck my dick
Mos era Suck a dick
Aleph Aeer Eb Koos Omak 1000 dicks in your mama's pussy
Edash bet kalef bentok? How much for your daughter?
Eyre be imak ya akhu sharmut! Penis in your mother's ass!
Yin el imek ya bint il sharmoota. Damn your mom, you daughter of a bitch.
Kus Abouk Fuck your dad
Kus Omak Fuck your mom
Kus Ukhtak Fuck your sister
Ana Aneek Amouk! I'll fuck your mother!
Kekri Gahba Gay Whore
Boofta Transvestite
Zamel Gay ass.
Gahba Slut, whore, prostitute
Miboon Faggot
Fased A person who has been fucked a lot.
Yabn Deen El kalb(a). You, son of the religion of a dog/bitch.
Yela'an Mayteen Ahlak God damn the dead of your family.
Haneek rabbak. I'll fuck your God.
Haneek Afkar Omak. I'll fuck your mother's thoughts.
Haneek Omm elly Khalefetak. I'll fuck you and your grandma.
Haneek elly yetchad ded lak. I'll fuck you and your friends.
Hottaha fi teezak. Stick it up your ass.
Zeb Abouya Fi koss Omak. My dad's dick is in your Mom's twat.
Bedi ikhra aleki ya shloke I'll shit on you (to a female)
Ayri b' shaklak My dick in your appearance
Akho shlickeh Brother of a whore
'ars Pimp
Ikhlassy akhrasi ya sharmoot wa iftahy khashmik Shut up man-bitch and open your mouth
Omak zanya fee erd Your mother committed adultery with a monkey
Badi lahsak manbat sha'er baidi I will make you lick the roots of the hairs of my balls
Laitohom ragado Wish your parents slept that night. (the night you were conceived)
Alaan abok labo abook, yabn al gahba okho el gahba, yal manyoch kess ommek o ommen yabetek! Damn your dad, and his dad you son of a bitch and your sister is a bitch, you fucked up [guy] your mom's cunt and her ancestors!
TDh-fa el fuse The fuse went went out (Accompanied by an insulting gesture indicating stupidity: pointing to the head and making a motion of cutting a wire with a scissors, implying that there is no power to that person's brain.)
Ma fish Kahraba There is no electricity (Accompanied by an insulting gesture indicating stupidity: pointing to the head, implying that there is no power to that person's brain.)
Kiss ikht yalli bazarak, ya akhou el alf menteki. Fuck your sister, the brother of one thousand whores
Yela'an shifit hifit darabzeen kaskoos immak Damn your mother's labia
Add ma emmak neketo la bayyak men tizo, hebil fik men bayadto. Your mother fucked your father in the ass so much that he got pregnant and held you in his balls.
Una bede et'hash zebe be dant bentok. I wish to place my penis in your daughter's ear.
Enta neket emmok oo' khelafto ekhtok. You fucked your mum and she gave birth to your sister.
Inta ooh abouk beh ileb ma'a zibkoom chil yaum. You and your dad play with your dicks every day.
Bedi hotak ala ras airy I will put you on the tip of my dick
Maftooha A deflowered girl
Airy yehreek My dick will wear you out
Aneek Omak Fuck your mum
Airy fe dameerak My dick in your conscience
Kiss wayhik Your face's pussy
Kis ahlik Your family's pussy
Rito sitteen alf air yor2oso dabke 3a kis emmak I hope that 60000 dicks will dance on your mother's pussy
Shem et Duat Go to hell
Kuss mm-ak ya'arku shar mouteh Fuck you, mother fucker
Kiss oumm yally bazarak Fuck who gave birth to you
Aneek oummak Fuck your mother
Airy be oummak My dick in your mother
Airy bi mafrat bazazik My dick between your tits (titty fuck)
Airi fee kus imak eil sharmoota My dick in your mom's pussy, you son of a bitch
Koss ommak ala air jamal mayyet Your mother's pussy on a dead camel's dick
Kafekom kalaman bel Arabia ya hi wah naht! Stop speaking in Arabic, you animals!
Kl zegg Eat shit
Ya mnyakah You fag
Ya jrar You pimp
Ya gawad You pimp
Ihir Pussy
Aneekik o aneek ummk o obook o ahlk klhm means I'll fuck you and fuck your mom, dad and your whole family
Mzghabah Fag
Bkem al lailah? How much is one night?
Musi o anti saktah Shut up and suck (girl)
Mus o ant sakit Shut up and suck (man)
Tfoo ala wishak I spit in your face
Yin'al mayteenak Damn your dead ancestors
Yin'al saleebak Fuck your cross
Rooh fi siteen alf dahya Get lost into 60,000 disasters
Kuss Ummak Bisinaan Your mother's pussy has teeth

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