Insults in all languages! :: All insults

Insults in all languages! ::

This is our collection of insults in different languages. We have insults in 163 different languages, so check them out. Choose your language from the list below. Have fun!

A I Singlish insults
Afrikaans insults
Icelandic insults
Sinhala insults
Albanian insults
Indonesian insults
Sipedi insults
Alemannic insults
Italian insults
Slovak insults
Amharic insults
Italian - Brescia insults
Slovenian insults
Arabic insults
Italian - Sicilian insults
Somali insults
Armenian insults
Italian - Venetian insults
Sotho insults
Assamese insults
J Spanish insults
Assyrian insults
Jamaican - Patois insults
Spanish Argentinean insults
Austrian insults
Japanese insults
Spanish Chilean insults
Aymara insults
Javanese insults
Spanish Colombian insults
Azeri insults
K Spanish Costa Rican insults
B Kamilaroi - Gamilaraay insults
Spanish Cuban insults
Baluchi insults
Kannada insults
Spanish Guatemalan insults
Basque insults
Kazakh insults
Spanish Mexican insults
Bavarian insults
Khmer insults
Spanish Panamanian insults
Belarusan insults
Kinyarwanda insults
Spanish Peruvian insults
Bengali insults
Konkani insults
Spanish Puerto Rican insults
Berber insults
Korean insults
Spanish Salvadorian insults
Bisaya insults
Kurdish - Kurmanjî insults
Spanish Santo Domingo insults
Bosnian insults
Kurdish - Sorani insults
Spanish Uruguayan insults
Brazilian-Portuguese insults
L Spanish Venezuelan insults
Breton insults
Laotian insults
Surinam insults
Bulgarian insults
Latgalian insults
Swahili insults
Burmese insults
Latin insults
Swedish insults
C Latvian insults
Swiss German insults
Cajun insults
Lithuanian insults
Catalan insults
Luxembourgish insults
Tagalog Pilipino insults
Cebuano insults
M Tajik insults
Chaldean insults
Macedonian insults
Talish insults
Chinese - Cantonese insults
Malay insults
Tamil insults
Chinese - Hakka insults
Malayalam insults
Telugu insults
Chinese - Hokkien insults
Maltese insults
Tetum insults
Chinese - Mandarin insults
Manx Gaelic insults
Thai insults
Croatian insults
Maori insults
Tibetan insults
Cypriot insults
Marathi insults
Tongan insults
Czech insults
Mauritian insults
Tsalagi Cherokee insults
D Maya insults
Turkish insults
Danish insults
Mizo insults
Turkmen insults
Dari - Farsi insults
Mongolian insults
Dhivehi insults
Moroccan insults
Ukrainian insults
Dutch insults
Myanmar insults
Urdu insults
E N Uzbek insults
Egyptian Arabic insults
Nepali insults
Esperanto insults
Norwegian insults
Viennese insults
Estonian insults
O Vietnamese insults
F Occitan insults
Faroese insults
Oriya insults
Welsh Cymraeg insults
Fijian insults
Finnish insults
Pashto insults
Xhosa insults
Flemish - Belgium insults
Persian insults
French insults
Polish insults
Yapese insults
Frisian insults
Portuguese insults
Yiddish insults
G Punjabi insults
Gaeilge - Irish Gaelic insults
Q Zulu insults
Galician insults
Quebecois insults
Georgian insults
German insults
Romanian insults
Greek insults
Russian insults
Gujarati insults
G├Âteborska - Gothenburg Swedish insults
Sami insults
H Samoan insults
Haitian Creole - Kreyol insults
Samogitian insults
Hawaiian insults
Scottish - Lowland dialect insults
Hebrew insults
Serbian insults
Hindi insults
Setswana insults
Hungarian insults
Shona insults


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